Belotero Basic

Belotero Basic is a well known medicine used as a dermal filler with the exclusive Hyaluronic Acid. Patented CPM or Cohesive Polydensified Matrix technology is used to make this filler. This filler helps to correct facial lines. Your cheeks and lips will be given more volume by consuming this medicine. You can use it for superficial as well as medium wrinkle correction around your mouth and cheek. In fact, this medicine is used to define the vermillion border. The margin of the lower or upper lip is referred by vermillion border.

Why should you use this medicine?

You should know that the occurrence of Hyaluronic acid in human bodies is natural. This acid plays a significant role in keeping your skin hydrated. As you grow old, the natural production of this acid decreases. Therefore, the appearance of lines can be found on your skin due to less hydration in your skin. That’s why, you should use Belotero Basic. This medicine restores the hydrating agent of your body. In this way, this medicine provides some volume to your face and helps to erase the outlines. Remember, Belotero Basic is the first dermal filler providing monophasic Hyaluronic acid. It is completely free from particulate matter and the advanced CPM technology had made it a unique one. It is allowed by its unique structure to fill completely all the dermal spaces of various sizes. A smooth transition is provided by this filler between untreated and treated areas. Furthermore, a lasting as well as natural effect is produced by using this medicinal filler.

What are the advantaged of this dermal filler?

• This dermal filler is smooth and natural.
• It is free from any sort of lump.
• There is no chance of appearing any sort of “blue lines” in the operated areas because Belotero Basic is a non-particulate gel.
• There is no requirement of allergy testing before applying this dermal filler as it is a non- animal substance.
• It is completely biodegradable and biocompatible.
• The level of trauma and pain is also very low.

How long does Belotero Basic last?

If you treat with Belotero, it will last many months. It is true that you will not receive a permanent result as it is not possible for any kind of treatment. The degradation process of hyluronic acid is natural. If you want further youthful rejuvenation, you need to treat your skin with this filler again. This treatment is followed up by most of the clients after five to nine months for maintaining a youthful and fresh appearance.

When should you consider taking advantage of this treatment?

Have become tired of your frown lines, periorbital lines, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, perioral lines and vermillion border? Well, in that case, this is the high time to take the treatment of Belotero Basic. Also, you can have youthful lips after this treatment.

What are the side effects of this treatment?

This dermal filler might have side effects for numerous individuals, but it might also not exert side effects on everyone. The side effects that are absolutely bothersome and common, are, redness of skin. Many clients find their skin turning out to be read on constant usage of this product. Again, you might also find your skin peel off as soon as you apply the product. Thus, avoid using this medicine if your skin is sensitive to it. Again, your skin might swell and also sting when you apply this product. Adding to these general allergic reactions your skin is also susceptible to certain special allergic reactions like rashes and itching. Your face might also swell, blister or crust when you apply this product. You may also experience tenderness, bruising or pain at the injection site after the treatment. There is no need to worry. If any of these side effects persist, you will have to consult your doctor in order to check his consent about the issue.


After taking this treatment, you need to be very careful about your skin for the coming few days. You need to stay indoors. Avoid sunrays because the exposure to UV rays can damage your skin permanently after applying this filler. Do not put on any type of makeup after taking the treatment of Belotero Basic.